Metapost: Puzzles

Once upon a time, there was a company called Microsoft who only wanted to hire smart people. With their miraculous power of foresight, they began asking brainteasers in job interviews. Being the darling of American capitalism (this was before Google), every other high-tech company began copying them. Soon, CS nerds began posting puzzles online to help cram for interviews, and Microsoft stopped using them, probably because they didn’t want to test rote memorization. In fact, when I interviewed in 2004, I was only asked technical questions. However, a lot of dot-coms are still doing it. Solving and creating puzzles is a useful skill in itself and also really fun, so I am going to start posting some of my favorites. And if I foil the hiring process of some insipid me-too dot-com sequel, so much the better.


~ by Paul Pham on 12 September 2006.

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