Green Mountain hike

On Sunday I went hiking at Green Mountain with Krzysztof, Mike Cafarella, Danny, and his girlfriend Chrissy. The trailhead was about a two hour drive north of Seattle, near the town of Darrington, WA. It is right next to Glacier Peak as you can see in some of the pictures. The hike started at 3400 feet and we gained about 3100 more. It was 4 miles out and then the same path back, which took us 6 hours. There were some beautiful alpine meadows and ponds, and the ridge at the end gave us a nice view of all the surrounding mountains. I also got some shots of a chipmunk and a marmot. Krzysztof had his super-fancy Nikon with a lens hood and 300,000x telephoto lens, so my only photographic advantage here is that I was willing to scamper out on rocky outcroppings. A full-day hike, but the sights were definitely worth it.

Green Mountain Hike
Photoset at Flickr

~ by Paul Pham on 13 September 2006.

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