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You may have heard about the fabu-fabu Seattle startup Billmonk that makes mooching from your friends and embezzling from your housemates so easy and enjoyable. You may have wondered how they expect to make money. Well, consider your curiosity satisfied.

I think they are also hiring, what? Gaurav and Chuck are awesome guys, so if you are Ruby-rific you should drop them a line. And while we’re on the subject of exciting Seattle startups, you can start rubbing elbows now with the soon-to-be rich and famous, who may or may not want to give you a job or help you with your startup idea. Y Combinator is also having a free startup school in Stanford on March 24th, which you should apply for now, and the next round of applications for seed funding is due around the same time.

I will start posting my own startup ideas to publicly mock the economy of secrecy. They won’t be good ideas, mind you. But they will be using Adrian’s surplus band names, which will lend them a certain awesomeness that will quite overcome your skepticism. Because the language of mergers and acquisitions is already confused with the language of human relationships, my startup ideas will be couched in erotic financial fiction.


~ by Paul Pham on 30 January 2007.

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