ignite seattle 2007

Apparently these people are arsonists? Each talk is 20 slides long, 15 seconds per slide, just enough to piss you off or in the case of PowerPoint, make your eyes bleed. The topics which interest me the most are helping kids, transhuman morality, identity, applied privacy, and electric power, but every Seattle geek should be able to find something in the 21 talks. Admission is free, drinks will be readily available but probably not free.

The event starts at 6:30pm next Tuesday, February 13th, the day before the next official Hallmark holiday, located at the Capitol Hill Arts Center on the corner of 12th Ave and E. Pine St. Remember, when the city is a smoldering ruin, you’ll wish it had been you, and not these other yahoos, who’d done it.


~ by Paul Pham on 10 February 2007.

One Response to “ignite seattle 2007”

  1. Incidentally, my talk was not accepted this time, but Brady said there will be another event on April 15th for which I would have priority. Whether this is a brush-off remains to be seen. Since my talk ideas are not very well-developed at this point, it’s just as well. I’ll still go and enjoy hearing the other speakers.

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