Bloodstone Cover Out From Out Where Cover

In the first track, you have followed an animatronic player-piano monkey into a sepia-toned Victorian carnival. Or rather, you are watching a movie of yourself, and it skips and jitters, plus the monkey is malfunctioning. You pass through a ballroom where dancers are waltzing to the Kronos Quartet backed by a swarm of hallucinating wasps. Halfway across the room the lighting cuts out, and you can only see the gothravers by their ultraviolet tattoos and the LEDs in their clothes. But you can hear, feel, and practically smell a gutteral pounding that is by turns nauseating and euphoric. You begin to suspect that the monkey is not really the problem here, and you would turn back, except you don’t know which direction that is.

In track the second, the fog of wars lifts enough for you to see that the player-piano thing has scampered into a motorbike drift race against the shattered industrial landscape of after-Tokyo. The only pounding is in your head and the wispy tendrils of sounds teasing out the corners of your hearing.

The last track, which does not appear on the final album, is a flight through cymbal windchimes attended by strident sunlight through the frequent breaks in the cloud cover. The ground is so far away you couldn’t even tell that you’ve been falling all along, and everything is falling with you. Fade to black as you imagine Miyazaki would have done.

This is a singles EP to give you a taste of The Foley Room, the new album by Brazilian breakbeat dynamo Amon Tobin. The main theme of the album is synthesizing found sounds recorded by two microphones hitting the street, and pairing complementary sounds from unrelated sources. It is due out March 6th, but Bloodstone is only available by download, either from, eMusic, and maybe iTunes? Bleep lets you download the 320 kbps lossless FLAC versions, and it also comes with a PDF of graphic art for each track. As with all music albums of worth, the cover art is worth the price alone, and OpenMind always outdoes itself with the gundamon on each Amon Tobin release.

You will need Winamp 5.31 or later to get built-in FLAC support on Windows, which is still damned inconvenient compared to apt-get install xmms-flac. This is already the sixth time through for me, I’ll probably put it on loop for the rest of the day. Slip into the Invicta skin, with the Alien Blue color scheme, to imagine how insufficient the light will be in the days to come.

I do not like to wear out my friend Hyperbole, but if I say that it is incumbent upon your person to acquire this album at whatever cost, I am exercising great restraint and understatement.



~ by Paul Pham on 1 March 2007.

2 Responses to “bloodstone”

  1. Two nights ago, I dreamt that the process of sleep was the calculation of a convergent series ending in my digestive tract, but I couldn’t get the sums to work out correctly. I woke up, went to the bathroom, and was then able to sleep normally.

  2. Nice blog!

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