deepsleep narcotics co.

I sometimes frequent the Faire Gallery situated on the corner of Olive and Melrose. It is variously described as the last bastion of CapHill hipsterdom against the regrettable descent into downtown, by the Stranger probably. Its own self-blurb claims noble descent from the Gertrude Stein-esque salons for Parisian dadaists. Refusing to be confined by the walls that bound lesser spaces, it shifts chameleon-like in between the roles of coffeshop, art gallery, live music venue, and non-public restroom. A few weeks ago, I caught a Friday night show by the Deepsleep Narcotics Co., who deserve to be better known than they are. Their contribution to my collection of fictitious musical genres (glitchpop, outjazz, synthetic noise, etc.) is triphop.

Other than the large collection of free MP3 tracks available on their website, they release new songs at their monthly show at ToST in Fremont on refillable flash drives. Truly, it is music from the future. Their band bio takes the form of a hilarious comic in the same style as Ye Olde tEp Force 22 Quill. On bass guitar is Aydin Tankut, who by day is a Ph.D. student in material science. Lynn Turner designs the visuals. DJ Samurai Lincoln scratches, samples, and writes the lyrics. The People’s Jay lays the beat and records the sound. And last and best, Lena Baisden is the siren call, plays bass, and is totally hot.

Inhabiting my current playlist alongside these somnolent pharmaceuticals are the United State of Electronica (the ambassadors of Seattle beeps and boops), Rasputina (the unholy children of Björk, three cellos, and maybe a sheet of Russian mafia acid), and Finntroll‘s Visor Om Slutet (unapologetic trollish hoedown metal).


~ by Paul Pham on 27 August 2007.

4 Responses to “deepsleep narcotics co.”

  1. Rasputina is not from San Francisco but I thought they were until a minute ago!

  2. We shouldn’t forget that Lena Baisden started with Lulu in Hollywood and later Satori in Phoenix AZ, both of those bands were kick ass as well

  3. I want a diamond, I really do
    [ … ]
    What other way can you make four months of your measly salary last a lifetime? / And what other thing have I ever asked you for / Besides … THE ABILITY TO READ MY MIND!

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